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Jiko Corporate

Meet investment goals and maximize the power of 
T-bills for your business.

Corporate treasury professionals are turning to Jiko’s modern and simple platform to easily invest in T-bills.

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Earn competitive, tax-advantaged yield

T-bill investment returns are tax-advantaged* and historically competitive with Government Money Market Funds.

Create your custom T-bill portfolio

With Jiko Corporate, tailor your investments to meet your return targets and maturities by combining different T-bill maturities directly on the platform.

Lock in fixed rates

Ability to select between  four different maturity buckets (4-, 13-, 26-, and 52-week maturities). If held to maturity, returns from T-bill investments are locked, unlike Money Market Funds where returns may vary.

Sweep into T-bills with a few clicks

Invest and sell treasuries with a simple wire instruction.

Automated execution

No need to call regional broker-dealers, execute trades over the phone, and then save email trade confirmations.

Programmatic reinvestment

Jiko automatically rolls your investments if no withdrawal is initiated.

Dashboard demo

Explore the Jiko Corporate Dashboard and discover just how easy Jiko makes T-bill investing**

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Teaming up with your platform of choice

Jiko partners with leading cash and treasury management providers so you can optimize for safety and yield with precision, speed, and scale.

Flow of Funds

Jiko’s automated technology and proprietary holding structure offers easy liquidity and access to your funds, empowering your treasury operations to work with speed and efficiency.



Deposit corporate cash into the T-bills of your choosing (4-, 13-, 26-, and 52-week maturities) according to your liquidity needs.



Jiko sweeps your cash through our nationally registered bank to our FINRA-registered broker-dealer, where it is invested in the latest “on-the-run" T-bill of your designated maturity.



When you need access to funds, Jiko automatically sells the closest-to-maturity T-bill(s) to cover the amount of withdrawal. Settlement occurs T+1, if not the same day.


Custodial Holding

Assets are held by Jiko’s registered broker-dealer in custody at BNY Mellon – safely away from regional bank failures and other balance-sheet risks.