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Jiko Corporate: Introducing Custom Pockets, real-time Yield, and more

May 7, 2024

US Treasury bills rates are at some of the highest levels in decades and are a sought-after asset when rates decline. More broadly, T-bills can enhance corporate finance strategy in several ways, from safety to yield to benchmarking and pricing. For example, they can offer a low-risk investment option for corporate treasurers looking to preserve capital; be used as benchmarks for other short-term interest rates; or be leveraged as reference rates for pricing and assessing the relative attractiveness of other short-term investment options.

As a Jiko customer, you’re in a perfect position in the current rate environment (and beyond) with Jiko Corporate, the first platform that makes T-bills an accessible yet strategic option for any cash-management mix. That’s why today we are excited to unveil some exciting updates to Jiko Corporate so you can keep doing just that.

Create custom Pockets and see real-time yields – right from the dashboard

Your corporate treasury strategy likely doesn’t fit rigidly into a given T-bill’s maturity length – be it one month or one year – but Jiko’s product team has been hard at work turning the magic of this safe, scalable, and currently high-yielding asset into a customizable place to fit any portfolio or plan.

New: Customize your Pockets

You can now create your own Pockets. Simply designate a T-bill maturity for your new Pocket, name it, and you can start funding it instantly.

Create a Custom Pocket for any T-bill maturity

New: Track and plan with real-time yields

The homepage of the Business Dashboard now displays real-time T-bill rates for each of the maturities we offer, so you can be more precise while forecasting and allocating your cash appropriately.

Get a real-time view of US Treasury bill yields in the dashboard

Better account management and reporting

At Jiko, we are committed to enhancements that remove friction and create ease as our customers grow and scale.

New: Export transactions and trades to CSV

Transactions and trades can easily be filtered and exported to CSV directly from the “Bank Transactions” and “Trades” screens. In the coming months, we’ll be integrating Jiko directly with major accounting platforms.

Exporting data to CSV

New: Connect multiple Jiko accounts

For customers with multiple legal entities at Jiko, you can now connect these accounts and easily switch between them directly from the dashboard menu.

Easily switch between accounts

More innovation ahead

In our commitment to making Treasurys bankable with customer-centric design and delight, we are developing ways to continue embedding and seamlessly connecting Jiko Corporate into modern treasury workflows and demands. Stay tuned for more product improvements ahead, including third-party data sharing and accounting platform integrations. To learn more or to request an integration with your preferred accounting software, please contact us at

Written by

Emilie Cole

Joseph Cuanan

Alex Gustafson

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